Complex, Heavy and Technical Lifting

We’re experts in heavy machinery lifting and complex lifts

Relocation of machinery, production lines or entire manufacturing facilities often involves complex, technical heavy machinery lifting requirements. Whether you are installing, removing, constructing, dismantling, extracting, refitting, supporting or moving machinery or equipment, at AIS EURELO, we have the in-house expertise, equipment and experience to help.

We are recognised globally as an industry leader in the heavy machinery lifting and the movement of large-scale assets with a range of techniques at our disposal, including hoisting, jacking and skating. We will work with you to understand your requirements and carefully consider all elements of health & safety, logistics and operational parameters to ensure we provide the right solution for your project.

When access is difficult, our jacking systems provide an innovative solution for cost effective heavy machinery lifting and movement operations.

Our Specialist ‘Megalift’

Our specialist ‘Megalift’ hydraulic gantry systems allow safe load raising, lowering, turning, tilting and traversing to overcome even the most unusual heavy machinery lifting challenges, while minimising cost and disruption by avoiding the need to dismantle roofs or steelwork.

As trusted experts, we provide meticulous planning and method statements for technical and complex heavy machinery lifting projects, which work around common issues such as confined working spaces or restricted floor loadings, and ensure the task is completed safely.

Our complex, technical and heavy machinery lifting capabilities include:

  • All our Megalift Jacking systems
  • Valla cranes from 2t to 11t capacity
  • Franna pick & carry cranes 14t capacity
  • Hydraulic gantry systems
  • Varied machine relocation equipment including skates, slings and chains

Wherever you’re located and no matter how complex your heavy machinery lifting project may be, we have the technical expertise and resources to help. Contact Us to find out more.

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