A machinery moving company for every sector.

No matter where you are, where you’re moving to or what sector you operate in, we are the machinery moving company that can help you nationally, internationally or globally. Here are just a few of the sectors in which we have a proven track record.


The aerospace industry demands the uppermost excellence of engineering services, our mechanical services can assist in a range of ways from the movement of single machinery tools to maintenance, dismantling, relocation, reinstallation or complete replacement to manufacturing equipment thanks to our specialist lifting equipment.


Our experience and expertise in the automotive sector enables us to deliver projects of any scale, to any budget, and in any Europe-wide location.


Our international manufacturing customers include a wide range of blue-chip companies across a variety of industrial sectors, including printing, paper, steel, toiletries, vitamins, medical equipment and OEM.


Our experience in the petrochemical industry makes us perfectly positioned to support refinery and chemical plant operators with projects as diverse as the installation of new equipment, shutdowns, plant expansions or relocation.


We understand the mission-critical need to maintain production levels in the pharmaceutical industry and that’s why our customers in the sector trust us to plan projects with meticulous detail.


Our meticulous approach to health & safety, hazard and risk makes AIS EURELO the ideal international partner for relocation and equipment movement projects in the power sector.

Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution

The warehousing and distribution sector is vital for industrial supply chains and provision of goods to retail outlets and consumers.

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