Storage for Relocation

International turnkey solutions for relocation

If your company is opening a new factory or relocating, having a convenient and secure storage solution available is essential. At AIS EURELO, our world-renowned logistics experts have developed a range of storage facilities for factory relocation, international heavy machinery relocation, international factory relocation and more. From moving your operations across the world or across the city, we can create a bespoke industrial storage solution for your business.

Flexible storage for relocation

Moving premises during an international factory relocation can be a long and arduous process. When organising the relocation, many businesses are faced with difficult decisions regarding equipment storage. If you’re moving an entire factory or production line, storing heavy equipment and plant machinery can be a huge task requiring a range of specific skills and equipment. At AIS EURELO, our innovative turnkey solutions make relocating your business easy, with a range of storage options to suit your project’s specific requirements. We can store a wide range of items including…

– heavy machinery
– construction equipment
– presses
– infrastructure
– pipes
– folding machines
– vacuum systems
– virtually anything!

Our transportation experts can help with every stage of your relocation project from complex, heavy and technical lifting services to providing temporary storage for expensive equipment whilst you ensure the new facility is up to scratch and ready for installation. Our highly trained logistics personnel will ensure your equipment is stored safely, securely, and in great condition for as long as you need.

What storage facilities are necessary for international factory relocation?

A wide range of flexible storage for relocation options are available from AIS EURELO to make your move as easy as possible. We have a flexible storage solution for every business, and our team will ensure your equipment and assets are treated with the utmost care. Our storage facilities for relocation offer temporary warehouse space that includes…

  • Loading dock access
  • Heavy machinery lifting equipment
  • Crane access
  • Climate control
  • Forklift access
  • Access control systems
  • Overhead craneage
  • 24-hour security

and other features that make it an ideal solution for business owners and project managers. AIS EURELO’s extensive experience in handling projects around the world enables us to provide comprehensive logistics solutions. This ranges from inventory storage in a new country to installing heavy machinery.

International factory relocation: services to make the process as smooth as possible

The international shipping of your production line often requires many specific, customised logistics solutions. That’s why AIS EURELO provides a comprehensive range of services to help you move your equipment, machinery and across borders. Our team can organise temporary storage for sensitive inventory or equipment prior to installation. Storage for international heavy machinery relocation can also include a range of extra services. These include areas to carry out maintenance or inspections of heavy machinery. State-the-art security features will be provided by AIS EURELO.

What are the benefits of using storage during a relocation project?

Storage is an important facility to budget for in your relocation expenses. Relocating your business to another part of the world can be a complex process with many moving parts. With facilities in the UK, Poland, and Germany, AIS EURLO Global Industrial Services can provide a bespoke solution for your relocation. Our experienced team of international logistics experts. If there are any delays in border checks, if construction or renovation falls behind schedule or if there are any expected issues, knowing you can store your precious equipment safely is a huge relief. Moving specialised heavy machinery can be an incredibly challenging task. AIS EURELO use the very latest heavy machinery moving equipment including…

  • Varied machine relocation equipment
  • 2 tonne to 11-tonne capacity Valla cranes
  • Hydraulic gantry systems
  • A megalift system with a capacity to lift up to 1000 tonnes

We invest in the very best heavy machinery moving equipment, so your business doesn’t have to and our specialised team have all been highly trained to operate it too. At AIS EURELO we ensure flexible and convenient access to your equipment at all times, with secure access systems to ensure your items are safe.

International heavy machinery relocation: hassle-free storage services

International heavy machinery relocation often requires very specific and customised services. When you hire AIS EURELO for your international relocation, our experienced team handles all of the logistics to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience. We will organise every element of your move, providing areas to carry out maintenance or inspections of heavy machinery as well as state-of-the-art security features. With decades of experience, we can help with international turnkey solutions for equipment of any size and type.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities

We understand that your investment is important to you. This is why we offer an extensive range of storage facilities with secure environments, high ceilings, and large spaces. We also provide the necessary lifting equipment tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. Because of our huge capacity, we can store equipment for clients in a range of industries including…

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemicals
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Power
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • and more.

Our storage solutions for international factory relocations include temperature-controlled warehouses with security systems designed by experts as well as ultra-modern on-site cranes and forklifts. AIS EURELO has provided storage and the necessary lifting equipment for relocation projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa. These include heavy machinery and specialist transport vehicles such as trailers with dedicated secure load areas. We can also provide more open container environments for lighter goods that require greater ventilation.

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