Machinery Installation

We have the skills and knowledge you need for any heavy machinery installation project

Our experience and resources mean that companies across Europe turn to us for heavy machinery installations. Whether you need us to reinstall an existing asset that has previously been disconnected for maintenance, install a machine that has been redeployed from another location or offer a turnkey installation and commissioning service for new equipment, we can help.


Our project managers are experienced in every aspect of heavy machinery installation, ensuring that we’re able to maximise resources, avoid unplanned downtime and minimise costs. We will work with you to plan the project, considering every aspect of operational, logistics and safety management to minimise disruption and complete the project within your business-critical time frame.

Our heavy equipment installation services also include maintenance and modification to ensure that your equipment continues to operate smoothly and integrate seamlessly with your other assets.

Every heavy equipment installation is different, which is why we build our solution around your requirements. We can include any additional services needed to get the job done, including decommissioning, removal of any existing machinery to make space or relocation of other assets. Our skilled engineers will also carry out all mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning requirements, working to local regulatory and health & safety standards to ensure compliance.


Within our heavy equipment installation services, we can offer:

  • Decommissioning, including removal of existing assets
  • Transportation, including loading and offloading
  • Preparation of foundations and footings
  • Floor preparation and positioning checks
  • Drilling and preparation of floor fixings
  • Heavy and technical lifting to position your equipment in the correct location
  • Alignment and levelling
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical isolations and connections
  • Testing and pre-commissioning work
  • Commissioning
  • Handover with documentation in the local language

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