Factory Relocation

Our factory relocation services take customers across Europe and beyond.

We offer turnkey international factory relocation services, including relocating entire operations from one country to another. Our factory relocation services are led by a highly skilled team of experienced professionals, to provide a smooth transition during your factory relocation, even if you need to maintain operational continuity during the move.


Whether you’re moving a single machine, a production line or an entire factory, we understand that the process involves operational and commercial challenges, particularly during international moves. That’s why we’re here to support and advise you with our experience, every step of the way.

At AIS EURELO, our team of skilled engineers ensure your project is accurately planned; providing you with a detailed scope of work, with a critical path from start to finish. We’ll provide estimated timescales and a robust outline of any operational impacts, such as estimated downtime. As experts in factory relocation services, we understand that lost time needs to be minimised to avoid reduced output and loss of revenue; that’s why we operate out of hours and at weekends where necessary to meet deadlines and avoid downtime.

Our project managers are supported by a fully trained engineering and safety team. They help you consider timescales and project phasing to minimise disruption, optimise operational efficiency and control costs. They will also consider the challenges and safety requirements of the project during the planning phase, ensuring everything runs smoothly and risk is avoided. Full documentation is provided in all required languages to comply with the regulations of the countries of origin and destination, and all countries in between, ensuring your business can transition without any snags.


Our turnkey international factory relocation services include:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Health & safety documents, including method statement, risk assessments, lift plans, personnel training records and equipment certs
  • Regular site visits to assess project requirements
  • CDM/health & safety management
  • Disconnection of services and dismantling of machinery
  • Match marking
  • Machinery loading to transport
  •  Storage (where required)
  • Machine transportation to any location worldwide
  • Floor preparation including core drilling
  • Offloading and positioning
  • Aligning and levelling
  • Reconnection of main services
  • Export, packing and shipping services with full documentation in all required languages
  • For any international move, our factory relocation services can help. Contact Us to find out more.

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