Christmas Shutdown: Helping You Get Ready for Planned Downtime Right Across Europe

Throughout Europe, manufacturers and industrial operators across all sectors are getting ready for Christmas – not because they want to make sure all the decorations and parties are full of fun; but because they need to make the most of every minute of planned downtime. 

Here at AIS EURELO, we can help them do just that.  

As an industry services company in Europe that operates across borders and sectors, we can work flexibly with you to plan and implement your Christmas shutdown programme efficiently and cost-effectively. With branches in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the UK, we have operatives across Europe that specialise in lifting, moving, decommissioning, and installation projects. We can provide you with the expertise you need locally to complete your mission-critical maintenance, reconfiguration, and upgrade programmes. Our industrial services experts in Europe can also co-ordinate work across multiple sites and multiple countries, ensuring you make the most of your Christmas shutdown throughout Europe, avoid unexpected delays and prevent unplanned downtime. 

Christmas is Critical

As industrial services experts in Europe, we know that Christmas is a vital period for industrial environments to carry out routine factory maintenance, machinery repairs, machine decommissioning, machine relocation projects, production line upgrade projects, machine installations and dismantling machines.  

Every minute counts, and unexpected delays can lead to unplanned downtime, lost production, and escalating costs. That’s why the AIS EURELO team works with our clients in the early planning stages of their Christmas shutdown, offering a wide range of skilled lifting and moving experts, project management, lifting equipment, and vehicles to ensure all activity is co-ordinated and accurately scheduled in advance. 

Preparing for your Christmas Shutdown

Asking the right questions to gain a thorough understanding of operators’ Christmas shutdown requirements, AIS EURELO’s team of industrial services experts identifies preparation work that can be done in advance, such as diverting M&E services or match marking for machinery moves, to help you make the most of your planned downtime. 

Our lifting and moving experts in Europe develop a detailed method statement following a full briefing and a site visit, with a critical path to achieving your Christmas shutdown goals within the available timeframe.  

We work collaboratively with your in-house teams and any third parties, such as machinery manufacturers or maintenance contractors, ensuring we deploy the correct expertise, accredited industrial services personnel, and lifting equipment at your site, anywhere in Europe, moving machinery across European borders – and beyond if you need us to! – and co-ordinating projects across multiple European sites.  

As a European Industrial Services company, we can ensure all industrial lifting and moving projects are carried out safely, and to local compliance requirements in each of your locations, taking on the role of principal contractor, with full CDM responsibility, where required, and providing paperwork in all relevant languages. 

An Industrial Services Company in Europe

Our network of branches across Europe, international experience in lifting, moving and industrial M&E services, and ability to deliver industrial services projects across borders make AIS EURELO the perfect partner to plan and implement all your industrial services requirements during your Christmas shutdown. Wherever you are in Europe and whatever you need to achieve during your Christmas shutdown period, talk to our team and we will deploy our European industrial services experts and lifting equipment to help you get the job done.


How are European Manufacturers Building Improved Supply Chain Resilience?

As Europe’s manufacturing industries continue to recover from the operational and commercial challenges of the global pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that supply chain resilience will be a key priority and catalyst for change across sectors and geographies.

Disruption due to travel restrictions, staffing shortages, and the availability of drivers to transport products from overseas manufacturing partners have all prompted European operators to reconsider their reliance on an offshore supply chain.

At a critical time in the post-pandemic recovery for many sectors, operators are re-thinking their strategies. This is prompting the emergence of two clear trends for European manufacturing:

  • Reshoring
  • Increased stockholding


One of the predicted outcomes of the pandemic for industrial Europe is a ‘renaissance’ in manufacturing within Europe, rather than relying on global production partners. In the past manufacturing in the developing world has helped European manufacturers to reduce their overheads by capitalising on lower labour costs, available skills and economies of scale. However, it has also left them with less control of their supply chain and, therefore, reduced agility.

The need to compete in a challenging marketplace during the pandemic has highlighted just how much an arms-length approach to manufacturing can cost in terms of business continuity and serving the customer. Even those with their own operations in Asia have been impacted by transport delays and capacity issues.  It’s for this reason that many manufacturers are now reshoring key parts of their operations back to Europe. They are either reconfiguring or extending existing industrial assets, or creating new factories.

Of course, reshoring does not always mean bringing production back to the headquarters location. There may be operational, commercial, or logistical reasons that make this challenging; such as a lack of available sites close to home, skill shortages or cost implications. So, for some, reshoring may mean establishing a new site somewhere else within the EU. In this way, their supply chain and compliance considerations are streamlined, and transport arrangements are simpler and lower cost. However, they may still be able to benefit from lower labour and property costs, in addition to skills availability.

At AIS EURELO, we are ideally placed to help manufacturers across all sectors with their reshoring projects; whether they are bringing production equipment back to an existing plant or establishing an entirely new production facility. With branches in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, we have an excellent reach across Europe. We are experienced in working across borders, within Europe and beyond, to manage the complexities of moving machinery between countries. Our skilled teams and wide range of lifting equipment and vehicles mean we can carry out both decommissioning and installation to the highest standards of safety and compliance in any location.

We are working with manufacturers across Europe to help them prepare to compete effectively in industries that, while still global, now have a clear emphasis on acting local. Our capabilities include reconfiguring existing plants, including making any temporary modifications required for ingress and egress of machines and equipment. We can also handle turnkey factory relocations. This includes completing a full asset register audit as part of the decommissioning and reinstallation process.

Increased stockholding

While reshoring has become a trend for manufacturers in Europe, experts are clear that the return to manufacturing capacity on European soil does not signal an end to global supply chains. Far from it. The scale of Europe’s reliance on supplies from global partners means that operators must also consider ways to improve the resilience of the supply structures they already have. A key strategy for this is increasing stockholding.

For some, increasing stockholding rather than reshoring is an approach that requires less capital expenditure and is faster to implement. For others, it may be an interim measure while a longer-term reshoring project is planned and implemented. Either way, it requires increased warehouse capacity. This often also involves revising systems and equipment to enable effective stock management and order picking requirements.

Once again, AIS EURELO can help. Our expertise in the warehousing sector means that we can reconfigure warehouses and transform them into high bay and very narrow aisle (VNA) facilities. We can also deliver complete fit out programmes for new warehousing assets and install specialist equipment. This includes automation and robotic systems, with a joined-up service incorporating lifting and moving, electrical engineering and commissioning.

Again, many operators may choose not to increase stockholding on their existing site but to locate a new facility elsewhere in Europe to improve reach and reduce risk. As an industrial services provider that specialises in cross-border projects, we can help with all lifting, moving, decommissioning and installation requirements anywhere in Europe and beyond, with all local compliance and safety included, and paperwork provided in all relevant local languages.

Capitalising on Supply Chain Renaissance

The pandemic has made five-year plans devised just a couple of years ago seem as though they are from another era. After months of uncertainty and firefighting to deal with the challenges of the pandemic, European manufacturers can now make long-term plans again. At AIS EURELO, we are working with operators to help them implement those plans and leverage the maximum value from our expertise in moving assets and operations across European borders and beyond.


Machinery Relocation Projects of all shapes and sizes

Innovative machinery relocation solutions

At AIS EURELO we are incredibly proud of our reputation as one of the world’s leading international relocation specialists. We have worked with clients around the world to move whole factories as well as single, speciality machines. No relocation project is too small for our experienced logistics team – we can provide a tailor-made relocation solution for your business. If your business is ready to automate or upgrade production, we can transport your new equipment safely and securely. We can even offer storage facilities if there are any project delays or complications.

No relocation too small!

At AIS EURELO we understand the value and delicacy of specialist machinery. Our team of logistics experts will ensure the safe delivery of your machinery. If you’ve invested in the best equipment for your venture, you’ll need to establish it can travel safely to your new premises and be installed correctly by experts. We provide a range of complex heavy technical lifting solutions including

– Megalift jacking systems
– Valla & Franna cranes
– Hydraulic gantry systems
– Machine relocation equipment
– and more.

Our experienced operations teams can advise you on the best way to transport your heavy equipment and handle any complex lifting that is required.

What does factory relocation involve?

If you are moving to a new factory or site, there are several things to consider when it comes to moving machinery and infrastructure. At AIS EURELO we provide a complete factory relocation service that includes

– Heavy machinery lifting
– Disassembly
– Transportation
– Complex lifting
– Movement operations
– Equipment storage
– Delivery
– Machinery installation
– International transport

as well as access to our world-class logistics experts who can advise you on the best way to proceed with your factory relocation.

Comprehensive machinery relocation services

Whether you are opening a new factory, moving a single machine, or moving your whole production line abroad, we offer international turnkey solutions that are tailored to your business. No matter how complex your machinery lifting process might be, we have the tools and skills to make it happen. At AIS EURELO we can provide relocation solutions for businesses in a variety of industries including

– Food manufacturing
– Automotive
– Warehousing & distribution
– Pharmaceuticals
– Packaging
– Online retail
– and more.

We understand that space can be limited, so we can handle the project when there is a confined working space or restricted floor loadings. Whatever business you have, if you need machinery moving, you can count on AIS EURELO to get it there safely.

Can AIS EURELO cater for a smaller Relocation Project?

Yes, at AIS EURELO no relocation project is too small. Our relocation experts can provide you with a bespoke solution for even the smallest businesses. If you are moving your home-based business to a new facility, increasing production, or specialising in a new area, we can transport all of the necessary machinery to your new location. We also offer affordable storage facilities for smaller relocation projects, just give us a call!

I only need a single machine relocated, can AIS EURELO still help?

Yes, AIS EURELO offers a single machine removals service. Our team will ensure your valuable equipment is moved safely to its new location. We also offer international single-machine removals, using our fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. AIS EURELO use the latest machine relocation techniques to ensure your equipment is safely and securely collected, transported to, and installed in your new premises. We will assign a dedicated project manager to your project to ensure clear communication and effective logistics.

How do I organise machinery relocation abroad?

At AIS EURELO we specialise in international industrial services, so wherever you are planning to relocate, we can provide safe and secure transportation for your vital equipment. Simply call or email us with the details of your relocation project and we can design a bespoke solution specifically for your move. Our operational control process means our clients can be involved in every stage of the relocation. We pride ourselves on accountability and transparency and have nine locations across Europe to ensure the relocation is handled by one of our expert logistics managers.

Get in touch today

If you have a machinery relocation project and need a team of experts to help, you can count on AIS EURELO. Call our UK team today on +44 1257 44 1111 or you can call our Poland team on +48 530 250 500, our Germany team on +49 201 4757653-0 and our Czech Republic team on +420 732 712 308 to discuss your relocation project today.


The secret to successful factory relocation project planning

In today’s competitive manufacturing industry, factory managers and warehouse operatives must be able to quickly adjust and react to changes in supply and demand, which sometimes calls for relocation. When a factory has outgrown its current location or setting, it is often more cost-effective and efficient for the company to simply relocate its production elsewhere.

AIS EURELO offers expert assistance with international factory relocation and planning. We provide international turnkey solutions for businesses keen to maximise efficiency without compromising on quality. Today, we’ll look at what’s needed to plan and execute a successful factory relocation.

Why do I need to plan my factory relocation project?

It’s always best to plan factory relocations early. A successful factory relocation project requires that you’re prepared for any obstacle, at any point in the process – from early decisions all the way through to final touches.

There are a huge number of factors to be taken into consideration during any factory relocation project, including timing and schedules; budget; logistics; and space.

Planning, strategy, and budget: questions to consider

What are the reasons for my factory relocation? Consider why your business needs to relocate and consider how relocating will benefit or help it grow. Do you need more space, or would a new location better serve your factory than your current location?

What is my budget? There’s no point in planning a relocation in detail before you know what your budget is. A realistic budget is always the best starting point for any factory relocation project.

What are my logistics? This will depend on the type of business you’re in. If you sell your products online, then you’ll need to consider things like how long it takes for goods to reach customers and how much space is needed at your new location. You might also want to investigate whether moving will impact sales or customer service.

What are my time constraints? Your new location will have to be up and running as soon as possible. Planning the schedule of your relocation and ensuring this fits in with your budget should be a top priority.

What are the risks of my factory relocation? Not just potential downsides to the move, you’ll want to consider the risks and hazards of undergoing a factory relocation. What if expensive equipment is damaged during relocation, or not set up properly at the new site?

Factory relocation project planning checklist

Ensure your factory relocation project goes smoothly with our factory relocation project planning checklist.

1. Start planning early and engage with your staff during the planning stages. Involve HR and union reps and listen to staff objections to ensure everyone is happy with the relocation.

2. Put together an expert team to design the new factory, manage the relocation, and carry out installation and setup in the new site. Hire contractors well in advance of your relocation.

3. Create thorough layout drawings of your new factory, which should include everything from column and utility locations to pits, aisles, trenches, and more.

4. Audit and record all your machinery, so that nothing gets lost (or damaged) in the move.

5. Draw up a relocation schedule that works around your work schedule. This could be a short-term relocation, or it could take place over many months; your schedule should be designed around minimising disruption to your operations.

6. Create work instructions that explain how each piece of factory equipment needs to be disconnected, transported, and re-installed in the new location.

Every factory move is different, but ensuring that each step of this checklist is complete will minimise the potential for costly delays and mistakes that can occur during relocation.

Can AIS EURELO assist in planning your factory relocation project?

At AIS EURELO, we offer turnkey international factory relocation services, covering all relocations including those between countries. Our skilled team of experienced relocation professionals can assist with every aspect of factory relocation project planning. This will enable you to maintain operational continuity during the move.

Our project managers can help you to put together a comprehensive relocation plan that meets your schedule and budget. Similarly, they can assist practically with sourcing and hiring contractors, minimising risk factors during the move, and ensuring full legal compliance in your factory’s new country.

To find out more about how we can help your factory relocation go smoothly no matter where you’re moving from or to, contact us today at AIS EURELO. We’re always happy to discuss new relocation projects with customers across the globe.


Factory Relocation during the Pandemic

Customer safety has always been a priority at AIS EURELO, but with the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever – especially when taking our factory relocation service into account. In this blog, we aim to answer some FAQs to ensure your total peace of mind whether your business needs national or international factory relocation services.

Can we still undertake a relocation or removal project during the pandemic?

In short, yes. While the economy has undoubtedly taken a hit due to COVID-19, business hasn’t come to a total standstill – take the automotive industry shift to electric vehicles, which has seen demand increase for vehicle manufacturing across Europe. As we have specialist experience in this sector, it’s a particularly good time to engage with our services thanks to our breadth of pan-European infrastructure and capabilities.

It’s not just the automotive sector that benefits, either. We offer our support to a number of sectors with their heavy machinery relocation , during COVID-19 and outside of the pandemic, including:

  • Warehousing and general logistics
  • Petrochemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power
  • And more…

It’s always worth asking us directly how we can help your business with a factory relocation.

How are we keeping our clients and operatives safe throughout a relocation project?

Factory relocation health and safety is at the heart of our services, particularly when international heavy machinery relocation is involved, which requires the utmost care and attention to ensure a smooth and safe process. During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our additional health and safety procedures include:

  • Ongoing situation monitoring and frequent risk assessment. This includes the monitoring and assessment of our internal processes, team, and the move itself, but also incorporating continuity planning. This planning is based on up-to-date UK and EU guidelines according to the day-to-day level of pandemic uncertainty and threat.
  • Increased stock levels to ensure machinery parts are still available in the event that there is distribution interference.
  • Utilising the Cloud and remote working to ensure our team can provide our usual outstanding customer support throughout a factory relocation process.

We always go above and beyond Government guidelines, including total sanitisation, mask-wearing at all times and social distancing where possible. No matter the scale of the factory relocation, nor the severity of the pandemic, we endeavour to put your mind at ease and keep you up-to-date at every step.

Which of AIS EURELO’s services are still operational during the pandemic?

All our services are operational as the pandemic continues – the only difference is that our stringent health and safety procedures are supported by all the more stringent COVID-19-secure procedures as additional protection for your staff and business.

Get in touch with AIS EURELO.

AIS EURELO provides international turnkey solutions for a myriad of businesses throughout the pandemic and beyond. For an experienced team with the professionalism and capabilities you require for continued smooth operation, please get in touch with us to discuss your heavy machinery relocation today.


Preparing for the New Year – Christmas Shutdown Maintenance & Installations

The Christmas traditions we celebrate at home may vary across Europe but there’s one thing all European countries have in common: the Christmas shutdown period is a time for maintenance shutdowns and machinery installations. For the team at AIS Eurelo, that means it’s a very busy time indeed. We’re already working with customers to help them planning for this critical period.

At AIS Eurelo, we support customers across a huge variety of industrial and commercial sectors to help them maximise the value of planned downtime during the Christmas shutdown. This is the most important maintenance period for many operators. Often this means disconnecting assets to enable maintenance, machinery removal to allow work to be carried out on the building or heavy machinery installation to replace redundant assets or adjust process capabilities.

Our role is not just providing the specialist equipment and on-site expertise to carry out projects, including technical and complex lifts and all mechanical and electrical requirements. It’s also to help our customers to plan their project, ensuring their objectives are met and the value of their Christmas shutdown is fully realised.

Machinery Installation During the Christmas Shutdown

Machinery installation is always a focus for the Christmas shutdown. This year, planning machinery installation for this period has never been more critical. Following the upheaval and altered commercial landscape prompted by the pandemic in 2020, many operators are implementing projects to diversify, enhance productivity or increase capacity by installing new equipment or replacing existing machinery.

Our experienced team works with clients to plan their machinery installation projects. They develop a method statement and risk assessment in advance and understanding the technical and operational requirements of the project. This may include diversions or upgrades to mechanical and electrical services, preparation of foundations and footings, floor preparations and positioning checks and drilling and preparation of floor fixings.

It is also not uncommon for temporary modifications to be needed to the building to enable access for machinery installation. Once again, this needs to be factored into the schedule for the machinery installation project and there is potential for this essential preparation work to be carried out in advance of the shutdown while the facility remains operational.

Another key area of planning for machinery installation during the Christmas shutdown is arranging the logistics and the resources required for the installation programme. As this is a key time for maintenance and logistics, booking transport and ensuring the right personnel with the skills and experience needed are available are essential elements of a successful project.

Whatever Your Christmas Shutdown Needs, We Can Help

Whether you’re planning a machinery installation project or have other heavy machinery disconnection, lifting, moving or mechanical and electrical needs, our team can provide a critical path, aligned to your deadline and operational requirements.

As we look ahead to 2021, it’s clear that there is more uncertainty ahead. This means that businesses may need to think beyond their usual Christmas shutdown routines and use the time to optimise their assets, both operationally and commercially. At AIS Eurelo, our experienced team, fleet of specialist equipment and Europe-wide capabilities are here to help you make the most of your Christmas shutdown. Begin the year ahead ready to maximise your potential.


Powering a New Era in Automotive with the Move to Electric Vehicles

The pandemic has created a complex and challenging manufacturing landscape across Europe, with some sectors fighting to keep pace with demand, while others are facing a contracted market and uncertain times ahead.

As an industrial services specialist with capabilities across Europe, AIS Eurelo has been on hand to help businesses with both upscaling and downsizing requirements, lifting and moving machinery, production lines and even entire factories to where they need to be. But, as we move out of the crisis response phase of COVID-19 and companies begin to consider their longer-term future, it’s clear that, for some sectors, the landscape has changed permanently and irrevocably. It’s equally evident that, in some industries, the pandemic has been a catalyst for accelerated change, rather than the cause of change. One of these is automotive; a sector where AIS Eurelo has considerable expertise.

Across Europe, the figures for the volume of cars sold in 2020 as compared to previous years makes arresting reading. Not too surprising considering how many people spent a large proportion of the year travelling very little at all. But the lockdown restrictions and continuing nervousness about infection risk are far from the only influences at play here. The economic impact on disposable incomes may have also have had a part to play, but European consumers haven’t stepped back from buying all vehicles; instead, they’ve become more likely to opt for an electric vehicle over petrol or diesel cars.

In the first nine months of 2020, sales of electric vehicles in Germany almost doubled as compared to the number sold across the whole year in 2019, and this upwards trend in electric vehicle sales is reflected across Europe. The pandemic may have had a hand in this, with consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact of traffic during the quieter period of lockdown. Whatever their motivations for choosing electric this year, however, it seems likely that the trend will continue. Governments are targeting increased use of electric vehicles as part of low emissions strategies and much of the government support offered to the automotive industry during these difficult times is focused on the electric vehicle aspect of the sector.

Gearing Up for Transition

So, what does this mean for the automotive manufacturing sector? While product development and manufacturing capabilities for electric vehicles are already very much in evidence across car brands and automotive manufacturing locations, it’s clear that the current period of change is the precursor of a more prolonged era of transition for the industry. With new vehicle technologies, we can expect to see revised factory layouts and production lines, all of which will require decommissioning and removal of redundant assets, along with installation of new machinery, supported by expert planning, CDM management and project implementation.

At AIS Eurelo, we have the pan-European resources, automotive industry expertise and specialist lifting equipment to support the automotive sector as it continues to make the transition from conventional car technologies to electric vehicles. Our team understands both the commercial and operational factors that must be balanced to introduce new equipment and phase out older machinery without jeopardising business continuity or output forecasts. We have worked with many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and, while the pandemic has resulted in a more challenging market, it’s clear that there are opportunities ahead to leverage the appetite for eco-friendly electric vehicles from consumers, commercial fleet operators and governments.


Helping Industry Adapt to Change Across Europe

Established earlier this year, AIS Eurelo was formed at a time of crisis as the global pandemic sent shockwaves through industrial sectors, creating challenges the likes of which the world had never seen. Our international capabilities and industrial services Europe expertise had a critical role to play in responding quickly to urgent requirements, as assets were redeployed and strategies were put in place to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

As we look forward to recovery and the new priorities of the post-COVID-19 era, it’s clear that there will be an ongoing period of transition and adjustment. The pandemic has highlighted the need for resilience across operational, commercial and supply chain functions, creating opportunities for expansion for some, while prompting others to rationalise, restructure or realise the value in redundant assets.

With wide-ranging industrial services capabilities, an in-house team of experts and a fleet of vehicles and moving equipment, AIS Eurelo can help companies across Europe to implement their asset strategies; whatever and wherever they might be. Our experience means that we can handle complex projects involving multiple locations, and a broad inventory of assets, helping you decommission, move and install machinery and equipment across borders, within your mission-critical time frame.

From complete factory relocation projects to the decommissioning of a single machine, we can tailor our services to meet your commercial and operational needs with a bespoke plan, devised and implemented by our experts in collaboration with your own team. Often, that means planning the project to ensure a live environment can remain fully-operational to prevent business interruption, or carrying out diversions to mechanical and electrical services to prevent disruption. Our approach is to understand your commercial and operational priorities and develop a plan that responds to your needs.

Safety planning is also a critical element of what we do, and every project is individually risk assessed to ensure that everyone on site is safe and the project is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Change is always inevitable but the pandemic has been a catalyst for rapid and unplanned change, challenging industrial operators to adjust to a new commercial landscape and altered operating conditions. AIS Eurelo has been an important partner for a huge variety of industrial businesses across Europe during these challenging times, helping them to implement their strategy and embed resilience in their operations. As we move forward, our team, expertise and wide-ranging fleet will also be a valuable resource to help companies maximise the opportunities of the recovery and leverage value from their assets.


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