Christmas Shutdown: Helping You Get Ready for Planned Downtime Right Across Europe

Throughout Europe, manufacturers and industrial operators across all sectors are getting ready for Christmas – not because they want to make sure all the decorations and parties are full of fun; but because they need to make the most of every minute of planned downtime. 

Here at AIS EURELO, we can help them do just that.  

As an industry services company in Europe that operates across borders and sectors, we can work flexibly with you to plan and implement your Christmas shutdown programme efficiently and cost-effectively. With branches in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the UK, we have operatives across Europe that specialise in lifting, moving, decommissioning, and installation projects. We can provide you with the expertise you need locally to complete your mission-critical maintenance, reconfiguration, and upgrade programmes. Our industrial services experts in Europe can also co-ordinate work across multiple sites and multiple countries, ensuring you make the most of your Christmas shutdown throughout Europe, avoid unexpected delays and prevent unplanned downtime. 

Christmas is Critical

As industrial services experts in Europe, we know that Christmas is a vital period for industrial environments to carry out routine factory maintenance, machinery repairs, machine decommissioning, machine relocation projects, production line upgrade projects, machine installations and dismantling machines.  

Every minute counts, and unexpected delays can lead to unplanned downtime, lost production, and escalating costs. That’s why the AIS EURELO team works with our clients in the early planning stages of their Christmas shutdown, offering a wide range of skilled lifting and moving experts, project management, lifting equipment, and vehicles to ensure all activity is co-ordinated and accurately scheduled in advance. 

Preparing for your Christmas Shutdown

Asking the right questions to gain a thorough understanding of operators’ Christmas shutdown requirements, AIS EURELO’s team of industrial services experts identifies preparation work that can be done in advance, such as diverting M&E services or match marking for machinery moves, to help you make the most of your planned downtime. 

Our lifting and moving experts in Europe develop a detailed method statement following a full briefing and a site visit, with a critical path to achieving your Christmas shutdown goals within the available timeframe.  

We work collaboratively with your in-house teams and any third parties, such as machinery manufacturers or maintenance contractors, ensuring we deploy the correct expertise, accredited industrial services personnel, and lifting equipment at your site, anywhere in Europe, moving machinery across European borders – and beyond if you need us to! – and co-ordinating projects across multiple European sites.  

As a European Industrial Services company, we can ensure all industrial lifting and moving projects are carried out safely, and to local compliance requirements in each of your locations, taking on the role of principal contractor, with full CDM responsibility, where required, and providing paperwork in all relevant languages. 

An Industrial Services Company in Europe

Our network of branches across Europe, international experience in lifting, moving and industrial M&E services, and ability to deliver industrial services projects across borders make AIS EURELO the perfect partner to plan and implement all your industrial services requirements during your Christmas shutdown. Wherever you are in Europe and whatever you need to achieve during your Christmas shutdown period, talk to our team and we will deploy our European industrial services experts and lifting equipment to help you get the job done.