The secret to successful factory relocation project planning

In today’s competitive manufacturing industry, factory managers and warehouse operatives must be able to quickly adjust and react to changes in supply and demand, which sometimes calls for relocation. When a factory has outgrown its current location or setting, it is often more cost-effective and efficient for the company to simply relocate its production elsewhere.

AIS EURELO offers expert assistance with international factory relocation and planning. We provide international turnkey solutions for businesses keen to maximise efficiency without compromising on quality. Today, we’ll look at what’s needed to plan and execute a successful factory relocation.

Why do I need to plan my factory relocation project?

It’s always best to plan factory relocations early. A successful factory relocation project requires that you’re prepared for any obstacle, at any point in the process – from early decisions all the way through to final touches.

There are a huge number of factors to be taken into consideration during any factory relocation project, including timing and schedules; budget; logistics; and space.

Planning, strategy, and budget: questions to consider

What are the reasons for my factory relocation? Consider why your business needs to relocate and consider how relocating will benefit or help it grow. Do you need more space, or would a new location better serve your factory than your current location?

What is my budget? There’s no point in planning a relocation in detail before you know what your budget is. A realistic budget is always the best starting point for any factory relocation project.

What are my logistics? This will depend on the type of business you’re in. If you sell your products online, then you’ll need to consider things like how long it takes for goods to reach customers and how much space is needed at your new location. You might also want to investigate whether moving will impact sales or customer service.

What are my time constraints? Your new location will have to be up and running as soon as possible. Planning the schedule of your relocation and ensuring this fits in with your budget should be a top priority.

What are the risks of my factory relocation? Not just potential downsides to the move, you’ll want to consider the risks and hazards of undergoing a factory relocation. What if expensive equipment is damaged during relocation, or not set up properly at the new site?

Factory relocation project planning checklist

Ensure your factory relocation project goes smoothly with our factory relocation project planning checklist.

1. Start planning early and engage with your staff during the planning stages. Involve HR and union reps and listen to staff objections to ensure everyone is happy with the relocation.

2. Put together an expert team to design the new factory, manage the relocation, and carry out installation and setup in the new site. Hire contractors well in advance of your relocation.

3. Create thorough layout drawings of your new factory, which should include everything from column and utility locations to pits, aisles, trenches, and more.

4. Audit and record all your machinery, so that nothing gets lost (or damaged) in the move.

5. Draw up a relocation schedule that works around your work schedule. This could be a short-term relocation, or it could take place over many months; your schedule should be designed around minimising disruption to your operations.

6. Create work instructions that explain how each piece of factory equipment needs to be disconnected, transported, and re-installed in the new location.

Every factory move is different, but ensuring that each step of this checklist is complete will minimise the potential for costly delays and mistakes that can occur during relocation.

Can AIS EURELO assist in planning your factory relocation project?

At AIS EURELO, we offer turnkey international factory relocation services, covering all relocations including those between countries. Our skilled team of experienced relocation professionals can assist with every aspect of factory relocation project planning. This will enable you to maintain operational continuity during the move.

Our project managers can help you to put together a comprehensive relocation plan that meets your schedule and budget. Similarly, they can assist practically with sourcing and hiring contractors, minimising risk factors during the move, and ensuring full legal compliance in your factory’s new country.

To find out more about how we can help your factory relocation go smoothly no matter where you’re moving from or to, contact us today at AIS EURELO. We’re always happy to discuss new relocation projects with customers across the globe.