Machinery Relocation Projects of all shapes and sizes

Innovative machinery relocation solutions

At AIS EURELO we are incredibly proud of our reputation as one of the world’s leading international relocation specialists. We have worked with clients around the world to move whole factories as well as single, speciality machines. No relocation project is too small for our experienced logistics team – we can provide a tailor-made relocation solution for your business. If your business is ready to automate or upgrade production, we can transport your new equipment safely and securely. We can even offer storage facilities if there are any project delays or complications.

No relocation too small!

At AIS EURELO we understand the value and delicacy of specialist machinery. Our team of logistics experts will ensure the safe delivery of your machinery. If you’ve invested in the best equipment for your venture, you’ll need to establish it can travel safely to your new premises and be installed correctly by experts. We provide a range of complex heavy technical lifting solutions including

– Megalift jacking systems
– Valla & Franna cranes
– Hydraulic gantry systems
– Machine relocation equipment
– and more.

Our experienced operations teams can advise you on the best way to transport your heavy equipment and handle any complex lifting that is required.

What does factory relocation involve?

If you are moving to a new factory or site, there are several things to consider when it comes to moving machinery and infrastructure. At AIS EURELO we provide a complete factory relocation service that includes

– Heavy machinery lifting
– Disassembly
– Transportation
– Complex lifting
– Movement operations
– Equipment storage
– Delivery
Machinery installation
– International transport

as well as access to our world-class logistics experts who can advise you on the best way to proceed with your factory relocation.

Comprehensive machinery relocation services

Whether you are opening a new factory, moving a single machine, or moving your whole production line abroad, we offer international turnkey solutions that are tailored to your business. No matter how complex your machinery lifting process might be, we have the tools and skills to make it happen. At AIS EURELO we can provide relocation solutions for businesses in a variety of industries including

– Food manufacturing
– Automotive
– Warehousing & distribution
– Pharmaceuticals
– Packaging
– Online retail
– and more.

We understand that space can be limited, so we can handle the project when there is a confined working space or restricted floor loadings. Whatever business you have, if you need machinery moving, you can count on AIS EURELO to get it there safely.

Can AIS EURELO cater for a smaller Relocation Project?

Yes, at AIS EURELO no relocation project is too small. Our relocation experts can provide you with a bespoke solution for even the smallest businesses. If you are moving your home-based business to a new facility, increasing production, or specialising in a new area, we can transport all of the necessary machinery to your new location. We also offer affordable storage facilities for smaller relocation projects, just give us a call!

I only need a single machine relocated, can AIS EURELO still help?

Yes, AIS EURELO offers a single machine removals service. Our team will ensure your valuable equipment is moved safely to its new location. We also offer international single-machine removals, using our fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. AIS EURELO use the latest machine relocation techniques to ensure your equipment is safely and securely collected, transported to, and installed in your new premises. We will assign a dedicated project manager to your project to ensure clear communication and effective logistics.

How do I organise machinery relocation abroad?

At AIS EURELO we specialise in international industrial services, so wherever you are planning to relocate, we can provide safe and secure transportation for your vital equipment. Simply call or email us with the details of your relocation project and we can design a bespoke solution specifically for your move. Our operational control process means our clients can be involved in every stage of the relocation. We pride ourselves on accountability and transparency and have nine locations across Europe to ensure the relocation is handled by one of our expert logistics managers.

Get in touch today

If you have a machinery relocation project and need a team of experts to help, you can count on AIS EURELO. Call our UK team today on +44 1257 44 1111 or you can call our Poland team on +48 530 250 500, our Germany team on +49 201 4757653-0 and our Czech Republic team on +420 732 712 308 to discuss your relocation project today.