Factory Relocation during the Pandemic

Customer safety has always been a priority at AIS EURELO, but with the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever – especially when taking our factory relocation service into account. In this blog, we aim to answer some FAQs to ensure your total peace of mind whether your business needs national or international factory relocation services.

Can we still undertake a relocation or removal project during the pandemic?

In short, yes. While the economy has undoubtedly taken a hit due to COVID-19, business hasn’t come to a total standstill – take the automotive industry shift to electric vehicles, which has seen demand increase for vehicle manufacturing across Europe. As we have specialist experience in this sector, it’s a particularly good time to engage with our services thanks to our breadth of pan-European infrastructure and capabilities.

It’s not just the automotive sector that benefits, either. We offer our support to a number of sectors with their heavy machinery relocation , during COVID-19 and outside of the pandemic, including:

  • Warehousing and general logistics
  • Petrochemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power
  • And more…

It’s always worth asking us directly how we can help your business with a factory relocation.

How are we keeping our clients and operatives safe throughout a relocation project?

Factory relocation health and safety is at the heart of our services, particularly when international heavy machinery relocation is involved, which requires the utmost care and attention to ensure a smooth and safe process. During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our additional health and safety procedures include:

  • Ongoing situation monitoring and frequent risk assessment. This includes the monitoring and assessment of our internal processes, team, and the move itself, but also incorporating continuity planning. This planning is based on up-to-date UK and EU guidelines according to the day-to-day level of pandemic uncertainty and threat.
  • Increased stock levels to ensure machinery parts are still available in the event that there is distribution interference.
  • Utilising the Cloud and remote working to ensure our team can provide our usual outstanding customer support throughout a factory relocation process.

We always go above and beyond Government guidelines, including total sanitisation, mask-wearing at all times and social distancing where possible. No matter the scale of the factory relocation, nor the severity of the pandemic, we endeavour to put your mind at ease and keep you up-to-date at every step.

Which of AIS EURELO’s services are still operational during the pandemic?

All our services are operational as the pandemic continues – the only difference is that our stringent health and safety procedures are supported by all the more stringent COVID-19-secure procedures as additional protection for your staff and business.

Get in touch with AIS EURELO.

AIS EURELO provides international turnkey solutions for a myriad of businesses throughout the pandemic and beyond. For an experienced team with the professionalism and capabilities you require for continued smooth operation, please get in touch with us to discuss your heavy machinery relocation today.