Helping Industry Adapt to Change Across Europe

Established earlier this year, AIS Eurelo was formed at a time of crisis as the global pandemic sent shockwaves through industrial sectors, creating challenges the likes of which the world had never seen. Our international capabilities and industrial services Europe expertise had a critical role to play in responding quickly to urgent requirements, as assets were redeployed and strategies were put in place to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

As we look forward to recovery and the new priorities of the post-COVID-19 era, it’s clear that there will be an ongoing period of transition and adjustment. The pandemic has highlighted the need for resilience across operational, commercial and supply chain functions, creating opportunities for expansion for some, while prompting others to rationalise, restructure or realise the value in redundant assets.

With wide-ranging industrial services capabilities, an in-house team of experts and a fleet of vehicles and moving equipment, AIS Eurelo can help companies across Europe to implement their asset strategies; whatever and wherever they might be. Our experience means that we can handle complex projects involving multiple locations, and a broad inventory of assets, helping you decommission, move and install machinery and equipment across borders, within your mission-critical time frame.

From complete factory relocation projects to the decommissioning of a single machine, we can tailor our services to meet your commercial and operational needs with a bespoke plan, devised and implemented by our experts in collaboration with your own team. Often, that means planning the project to ensure a live environment can remain fully-operational to prevent business interruption, or carrying out diversions to mechanical and electrical services to prevent disruption. Our approach is to understand your commercial and operational priorities and develop a plan that responds to your needs.

Safety planning is also a critical element of what we do, and every project is individually risk assessed to ensure that everyone on site is safe and the project is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Change is always inevitable but the pandemic has been a catalyst for rapid and unplanned change, challenging industrial operators to adjust to a new commercial landscape and altered operating conditions. AIS Eurelo has been an important partner for a huge variety of industrial businesses across Europe during these challenging times, helping them to implement their strategy and embed resilience in their operations. As we move forward, our team, expertise and wide-ranging fleet will also be a valuable resource to help companies maximise the opportunities of the recovery and leverage value from their assets.

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